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Let me begin with the word "OUTSTANDING" for Mr. Raj Shekhar Sharma.He is simply outstanding in each and every aspect. Whenever i speak to him a positive energy comes out, and it is unmistakable.He is incredibly gifted as well as a very warm, and considerate human being. He is very intuitive. He picked up a variety of things going on in my life, and things i have been dealing with.He is professional but at the same time you feel like you are chatting with your best friend. He is the finest astrologer with the solid predictions. He made things easier for me. I can never express my gratitude towards him. It's because of him, i have started off a new life from the scratch in the Foreign Land that too with a good beginning. And i am sure he will be the behind my success in the near future. For me, he is a perfect guide, a best friend, a trained psychiatrist, a selfless and caring human being with broad thinking with appropriate knowledge. His knowledge is his power, and humility makes him perfect. I have a lot to say, but i don't know how to put across my thankfulness towards him in words. In short he is the one who has made my life special. Thanks a lot for everything sir. Your reading is exactly what i needed in my life.


Ontario, Canada


Dear Raj.

U have got perfect command on Astrology . I am not saying for any reason but I have seen it in my case that with no. of difficulties and adverse situation u have taken me out safely. I give my best wishes for ur prosperous future. I will talk to u on the phone very soon.

Anil Sharma

Embassy of India

Washington D.C


With his immaculate predictions and command on Vedic Astrology, Raj Shekhar Sharma ji has made a big difference to the life to many people I know. I owe my own passion for astrology to this great son of stars.

Deepa Bhandari

After perfoming the remedies given to me by astrologer Mr. Rajshekhar Sharma is really effect my life in area of health and my profession. i rally appricate work done by them.

:- Rajbir

I know Mr. Rajshekhar Sharma for the past five years. He is a very good human being. I am extremely satisfied with his responses. He is a Master in his field. Extremely knowledgeable person with analytical abilities of highest order. I have consulted many astrologers, but his predictions were the most accurate. Above all, he clarified my concerns logically and to my satisfaction. The remedies given by him really works. I would like to thanks Mr. Rajshekhar Sharma for his help. 

Amardeep Singh

Dear Rajshekhar Sharma ji ,

First of all i would really like to thanks you for your astrological predictions made by you for me n aashish. Whatever u predict about me n aashish is all accurate points. i think in this society or i must say in this world there are very few or rare peoples who are like you which guides or helps everyone unconditionally.You love mankind to the core of ur heart n lends ur helping hands to those who ask help from you. I thought everyone like me must be going to be benefited from your knowledge. I dont know wat to say more abt you but in short u r spiritual, kind hearted and i must say a helping man.


I will definitely going to pray for your happiness n for your long life to serve n help others.

best wishes


Dear Raj Bhai
Thanks a lot for your great astrology guidance time to time.  During the last 15 years, you have always been great to give me absolute astrological guidance; and it worked every time.

Thanks Bhai

Dinesh Sharma, Delhi

My Dear Raj
I was an absolute non-believer in astrology and it was you who made things happen for me, purely on the basis of your astrological remedies.  The day, I worn the Gem prescribed by you, I started feeling the difference.  It was you who successfully predicted my foreign visit and financial success – and it happened and still continuing.  Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

Pankaj Saxena,

Delhi India


Raj Bhai

I have no words to explain and express my gratitude for your kindness.  I still remember the day when everybody was against me and I was fighting a divorce suit with my husband.  It was only You, who guided me towards the right path and suggested me to take back my divorce suit.

I also remember when you specially told me to ignore all suggestions of my close relations including my father and my brother.  It was really hard for me; but with your assurance I took the risk of ignoring any suggestion and advise from anyone else but yours.  You promised me a good future within 2 years; but it was within six months that I was reunited with my husband and currently leading a very respectful life in society.  My children’s future is secure and I really love my husband now.  It was you who, only on the basis of astrology, cleared my unjustified doubts against my husband.  May God bless you.

Chanchal Goel,
Female, Delhi.
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